New Patient Packet:

Denture Appointments:

  1. Preliminaries: Making impressions for custom trays.
  2. Final impression: Teeth must be out for 48 hours prior to impression for the best results. 
  3. Jaw Relations: Measure vertical bite and select size, shape and color of teeth.
  4. Wax try in: Preview setup (teeth set in wax so that you will be able to see what they would look like in your mouth).  This is the time to make any changes in size and shape of the teeth. We suggest that you bring someone with you to help with the approval; we will be having you sign an acceptance form.
  5. Denture delivery: We will seat the denture and make any immediate adjustments that are deemed necessary.
  6. Denture adjustment day after delivery: Adjust out any sore spots that you have noticed after the teeth have settled.
  7. Follow-up care: We will adjust your dentures for free up to six months!
Dr. Lobodiak & Team,
’Second to None’ describes how I feel about the understanding, ability, and skills you possess to restore missing teeth. From the 1st impression to the final fitting, the process was exceptionally thorough. This attention to precision has resulted in a 6-unit bridge that is as comfortable and aesthetically pleasing as natural teeth! Thank you - Thank you - Thank you,
— Necia N.